STEM Curriculum

Check out the NEW Converting Poop to Power lesson and corresponding video that bring to life how farmers across the nation are using innovation and technology to help protect the planet.

Family Activity

Learn what types of foods belong in each of the five food groups and gain a better understanding of what makes a balanced meal by working with your family members to take a deeper look in your own kitchen. Challenge your family to a scavenger hunt and even submit one of your family’s favorite recipes with dairy for a chance to have it featured in the Fuel Up to Play 60 Homeroom!

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Innovations From Farm to Community

Learn ways dairy farmers are innovating toward a zero-carbon footprint future, culminating in a class project to inspire change in your community!

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Converting Poop to Power

Examine how farmers and scientists are engaging in sustainable farming practices  to create energy and other renewable products.

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Creating My Plate

Teach students what it means to compose healthy, balanced meals and how to reduce food waste in the process!

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Our Perspective: From Farm to Table

Explore real-world innovation in the dairy community plus teach students the magic and science behind fermentation.

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